Monsters cannot be announced. One cannot say: ‘Here are our monsters,’ without immediately turning the monsters into pets.


Liu Maochan - a Chinese painter with a touch of French impressionism à la Monmartre. Gorgeous.


August Malmström  (Swedish, 1829-1901)

Dancing Fairies, (Älvalek), 1866


The Secret History Meme (1/6 characters)

Only the day before Francis, in a swish of black cashmere and cigarette smoke, had brushed past me in a corridor. For a moment, as his arm touched mine, he was a creature of flesh and blood, but the next he was a hallucination again, a figment of the imagination stalking down the hallway as heedless of me as ghosts, in their shadowy rounds, are said to be heedless of the living.

I love artpart 32 | John Atkinson Grimshaw


Ghosts (first composition study for Jack the Ripper/The Invisible Man), 2012

Graphite on tinted paper, 41.5 x 29.5 cm



Ballpoint pen and 22K Gold leaf

What was it like working with Pedro Pascal? Pedro and I got on really, really well. Our relationship in the show is really intimate and intense. We’re experimenters, sexually experimenting. We swing all ways. But there was a real trust between the two of us, a simpatico, and it was really lovely to have a laugh and play with him. I felt safe. It was great. - Indira Varma 

and she’s not sorry


I had wings once, and they were strong. But they were stolen from me.

Thor + controling the weather


Josh Hartnett by Mario Testino for VMAN Magazine 2006